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Business Start-up

Are you having a hard time starting or rebranding your small business.  We provide business startup services to new and pre-existing small business owners; from creating/recreating your business logo design to supplying you with promotional products.

A.B. Designs & Consultants

A.B. Designs & Consultants is a Small Business Startup Company that is family owned and operated.  We were established in 2016 with the mission and purpose to help you help yourself through our business startup service.  With us, you will receive products and services that will prepare you for your success; these services are essential to the discovery, the start and the growth of your business.  Here at A.B. Designs & Consultants, we provide Custom Logo Designs, Consulting Services and Business Stationery; we also have a 12-week program that will benefit you.  Our services are provided to you with great pride, love, passion and integrity for your advancement.  We are devoted in what we do as a service provider and agent when working for you.

Our vision is creating a strong foundation of successful men and women entrepreneurs whom are confident.

Our mission is to empower men and women to be confident and strong small business owners or career changers.  To give a solid foundation of information and resources to enable them to start their journey of entrepreneurship and career change without feeling lost and regretful in the process.  


Our Business Startup Service is designed to meet your needs and the needs of your new business or career.  Our services can be used as an all in one service (logo, consulting and stationery) or an individual service (stationery only); and if that doesn't work for you, you can signup for our 12-week program.
*Through our one on one consultation we will gain essential information about you, your vision and business.
*With that information we will create a customized logo for your business.
*Looking to start a business, but don't know how or what to start?
*Having problems with your employees?
*Looking for ways to make more money within your business.
*Looking to personalize your business?
Well, check us out.
*We will customize business cards, letterheads and envelopes that you can use and hand out to your customers.


Our 12-week Program is a 12-week session designed to take you from a man to a man-preneur, a woman to a woman-preneur or even a youth to a youth-preneur; you got the idea.  This program was designed to give you more than just a custom logo, consulting work or business stationery for your new business.  For more information about this program call us at 469.262.6721.
*Looking to learn a lot about yourself?
*Would you like to know if being a business owner is right for you?
*Are you ready to become a new business owner?


We always go above and beyond what is needed and asked of us.  With our five star customer service and professionalism, we leave our customers greatly satisfied.  Take a quick look at what some of our customers had to say about us.............
We Are:

    • Polite
    • Kind
    • Assertive

    • Prepared
    • Reliable
    • Organized

    • Understanding
    • Great Listeners
    • Detailed Oriented

    • Confidential
    • Personal
    • Privy

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A.B. Designs & Consultant @ Copyright 2019
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