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Custom Logo Design

While establishing your own business or making subtle changes to it, your logo should always speak volumes about you and your establishment.   From the shape of the design to the color scheme of your choice, everything about your logo should grab the attention of your audience.  Here at A.B. Designs & Consultants, we focus on creating custom hand-drawn logos for our customers then transforming them into digital creations.  Step by step with you, we will create the best custom designed logo for your business.

Your Idea/Concept
If you already have a concept for your business logo and you need someone to design the logo for you, let us assist you with that.  Give our customer support team a call so we can discuss the details with you.  

Our Idea/Concept
If you are in the process of wanting to have a logo created for your business but you don't know where to start, give our customer support team a call.  One of our customer support members will setup a time for our logo designers to contact you and go over the drawing process.  This process is very simple yet detailed to have a clear knowledge and understanding of you and your business.

To contact us through email, click on the links below.

Our Custom Logo

We had taken the liberty to create four wonderful bundles that will suite your business needs; from receiving a custom logo design to having your very own custom business cards and more.  Check out what our four wonderful bundles can offer you and give us a call to discuss more.

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