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Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to help your business grow.  You will receive guidance in expressing your vision, desires, and goals with our Career Coach Service.  You will also learn how to stay focused on your new path while establishing the foundation for your new career.  With our Business Consulting Service, we will be the problem solvers giving you an objective point of view using fact-based, analytical thinking to reach a solution with a clear perspective.  Need help developing a better relationship with your staff members?  With our HR Consulting Service we will help you establish and maintain those relationships.
You will receive guidance in developing an action plan and steps to reach your business goals.  We will focus on the here and now while you create those necessary steps to reach the goals for your new business or career.  As we work with you, you will be held accountable for carrying out these steps.
  • One on One Consulting Session(s)
  • Group Consulting Session(s)
  • Training
  • Resume Writing & Editing
You will receive consulting work tailored to the specification of your business.  During this time you will be educated on problem solving techniques that will help grow and improve the fuction of your business.
  • Consulting Project
    1. Fixed/Flat Rate
    2. Monthly Retainer

You will receive guidance and instructions on how to develope and maintain a positive relationship with your employees.  You will learn how to increase job satisifaction for your staff members while you meet their needs.  Also, you will learn how to prepare a job desciption, job qualifications, assess employee performance, maintain human resource records and more.
      • Prepare job description
      • Assess learning needs
      • Coordinate and lead training programs
      • Assess employee performance
      • Coordinate programs (Employee Assistance Praograms)
      • Maintain human resources records
Specific Responsibilities:
      • Recruitment and selection
      • Training and development
      • Employee relations
      • Human resoures administration
      • Salary and benefits

  Disclaimer:  A.B. Designs & Consultants is not a legal Consulting Company; we do not provide legal advice.

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A.B. Designs & Consultant @ Copyright 2019
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