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Career Coach

With our Career Coach service, you will receive guidance in developing an action plan and steps to reach your goals.  We will focus on the here and now while you create those steps that are necessary to reach the goals for your new business or career.  As we work with you, you will be held accountable for carrying out these steps.  During this process you will have a mentor, a teacher, an encourager, as well as, a leader and much more.

Consulting/Training Sessions

In these sessions you will be learning a lot about yourself, your personality type, and what work industry best suites you.  You will also gain a solid understanding on your skills, interests, values and if starting your own business is a good suite for you or maybe just making a career change it best.

One on One Sessions

Group Sessions (4 - 6 People)

Resume Writing/Editing

With our resume writing/editing service we will provide you with a resume for your job search.  Regardless if you provide us with your information and we create one for you, you send us your resume for revision, or we provide you with the tools and instructions on how to create one yourself.

Levels of A Resume
  • Entry-Level
  • Mid-Level
  • Senior-Level
  • Curriculum Vitae
Chronological Resume
A chronological resume is the most commonly used format when applying for a job.   Most employers prefer this resume type because it is easier for them to see what job experience and skills you currently possess.  It list your work experience with the most recent job you are working or worked.

Functional Resume
A functional resume organizes your work experience to highlight your skills and accomplishments.  With this resume you can create a heading for each experience you possess and want to demonstrate.  If you want a career change, this resume type is a better fit for you.  Yet, some employers don't like the functional resume.

Combination Resume
Combination resume, also known as a hybrid resume, combines both chronological and functional.  It has a section with headings of relevant skills and summaries of your previous employers (in a particular area).  Then that section is followed by a summary of previous jobs similar to what you might include in a chronological resume.  This resume is best for career changers because it helps your skills to stand out; giving employers the chronological work history that most want to see on a resume.

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