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Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting service is designed to focus on you (the business owner) and your business.  You will receive consulting work tailored to the specification of your business.  During this time you will be educated on problem-solving techniques that will help grow, maintain and improve the function(s) of your business, as well as, you will receive help in solving a problem or making changes within your business to make things better.  In doing so, we will focus on your needs as a business owner to able to set goals for you and your business.

Project/Monthly Retainer Hours

You will be educated on problem solving techniques that will help grow and improve the fuction of your business.  We offer this service as a project or monthly retainer service, working from twenty to fifty hours per project, lasting from one month to a year.  For more details call us at 469.262.6721.
Through our project and monthly retainer service you will receive the necessary education and training to maintain the growth of your business.

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A.B. Designs & Consultant @ Copyright 2019
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