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The Inner Voice

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Dear I'd Like To Know,

We appreciate the message and question you sent us and hopefully we open this topic well enough to have other entrepreneurs give you their input on the subject.  What is an inner voice and how does it affect a person?  Well, to answer your question, an inner voice is nothing more than a person's inner thought.  It is the non-verbal communication and thoughts a person have of oneself and their accomplishments.  So, in other words however the individual may view themself and their accomplishments will be how that person will speak to themself nonverbally.  For example, if a person is positive and outgoing, 9 times out of 10 their outlook on life will be great; but if that person is negative and is always looking for the worst to happen, their outlook on life will be poor.  These thoughts (good or bad) can help a person to grow or crumble in their attempt in success.

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