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According to a guest writer at, statistically an average successful entrepreneur has a certain look.  The main idea image of this entrepreneur is a wealthy, middle aged, well educated, white man.  Well, in my opinion I am here to say that I do not agree with this writer's findings.  Success is determined by the individual who is aiming for it.  Some people may say that success to them is having a small local corner store to provide employment to the people in their community.  While others may say that success is having a Nonprofit organization and not capitalize off of it.  In the U.S. today according to latest record at there are more women entrepreneurs than men.  Men over the age of 50 has a 59% rate as to where women have a 52% rate of being an entrepreneur, but that is where it changes.  Women between the ages of 40 to 49 has a 29% rate as to where men have a 24% rate; and millennial women has a larger percentage as well.  As far as education: 72% of women are more educated than men at 64%.  Now this is the data that I had found; you may find something different.  The point that I am making is that there is no real image of a successful entrepreneur.  It is all about confidence in yourself and what you can do.  True it takes money to start and manage a business, but now and days there are so many programs out here to make that happen.  So, if you a person who is always looking at the statistics of how you should look and be to be a successful entrepreneur; then stop.  Be and feel confident within yourself, connect with the right networking group or support team and make it happen.

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