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For every blog that we post, we ask that you (the business owner) to share your story.  What was it like to start your business?  How long did it take you to get it up and running?  Lets help and encourage these new business owners.


Welcome to our Blog Page, where the content here maybe a matter of fact or opinion.  We ask that you respect the Ghost Writers views and/or knowledge on being an entrepreneur.  If you would like to share your views and/or knowledge, we ask that you submit your information (w/ references if applicable) with your blog to  If you would like to receive credit for your blog, please state that with your submission and we will reference your name to your blog.  We ask that your blog is reader friendly and respectful towards other readers.  

Thank you.

Submitted Blogs

How To Overcome Your Negative Inner Voice
Learn how to overcome your negative inner voice.
Published by Ghost Writer - 24/6/2019
The Inner Voice
What is your inner voice and how does it affect you.........
Published by Ghost Writer - 23/6/2019
Stay On Top Of What You Know
Continue to read and learn about the industry you are in.
Published by Ghost Writer - 19/4/2019
Building My Future
What It Takes To Become A Successful Business Owner
Published by Ghost Writer - 19/4/2019
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